Why do you keep quitting?

There’s a secret every successful marketer knows that most newbies in marketing never, ever discover.

It’s a secret which, once discovered, brings them all the customers, sales and profit they deserve…

… but short of finding this secret, they’re forever destined to frustration, disappointment and an empty bank account.

And I’m going to reveal this secret to you right now, so you don’t fall into that dismal category.

The secret is:


I was recently reminded of this point in an email from direct marketing veteran, Drayton Bird, who put this point most succinctly:

“Stamina is keeping going. Not giving up. Most marketers give up far too soon.”

Newbie marketers struggle to persevere with their marketing campaigns.

They try something, see that it doesn’t make them immediately rich beyond their wildest dreams and move on to the next shiny object.

Well, that’s a sure-fire route to never becoming rich.

Marketing is a process.

Think of it like a scientific experiment.

Just look at the four steps of the scientific method:

  1. Observation (the opportunity is seen)
  2. Hypothesis (you predict the preferred outcome of the campaign)
  3. Test hypothesis through rigorous experiment (the campaign)
  4. Establish theory through repeated verification of results (the campaign becomes an established marketing channel)

Now, how many times does a scientist get halfway through step 3 by testing the hypothesis once then giving up?


Would we have got penicillin, the theory of relativity, the lightbulb, TV and manned flight if the scientists and inventors responsible gave up after their first experiment?

The entire space exploration program would have ended with Apollo 1.

And how different would the world be had Otto Frederick Rohwedder announced after the first unsuccessful test of his revolutionary bread slicing machine:

“Nein, it CANNOT be done. Ze people vill NEVER have sliced bread. Rolls are ze future.”

(We’d not only have lost a modern convenience but an incredibly useful idiom, too… ;))

You see, this is the part that newbie marketers fail to heed: “through rigorous experiment”.

Although you’re constantly bombarded with messages about marketers running a single ad on Facebook, Google Ads or direct mail and “crushing it” (as the popular colloquialism goes) first time round, I’d take these with a HUGE pinch of salt.

A lot of these guys have already (with many of their other ads) been through the process:

Test, measure, improve, test, measure, improve.

This may involve constantly tweaking the copy, changing an image to better reflect the benefits of your service or testing different proof and trust elements as you eek up your conversion rate.

If through rigorous testing your campaign fails to fly, only then go back to the proverbial drawing board.

But don’t give up

… don’t settle being stuck in the pattern of frustration like the wannabes you hear moaning that they tried direct mail once and didn’t get a single response…

… or the quitters who say Google Adwords/Facebook Advertising/Any Marketing Channel [delete as appropriate] just doesn’t work for their market after running a 5 day campaign (here’s a suggestion: they’re usually wrong)

… instead stand up as a sophisticated marketer who understands the value of giving it a proper go.

Because once you give it a decent shot, look at what happens in the fourth step of the scientific method:

You establish theory – you’ve developed a solid, reliable and predictable set of results from your efforts.

That’s gold.

But it doesn’t end there… there’s a Part 2 to this blog.


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