“Our best-selling product of all time… a multiple six-figure launch”

“I’ve worked with Jody on four sales letters so far. The second one was for a product called Psychology of Strength, which wound up being our best-selling product of all time. It was a multiple six-figure launch and it beat the other six six-figure launches we’ve had. I was very happy with the job Jody did.” Mike Westerdal, Founder, CriticalBench.com


“The best British email copywriter around”

Kevin Rogers Email Testimonial

“Almost scarily clever when it comes to copywriting”

“Jody Raynsford makes it easy for me to do my job. He’s prompt, professional, and almost scarily clever when it comes to copywriting.” Brian Hurley, Senior Managing Editor, Callisto Media

What customers and copywriting students say about Jody…

“Sales conversions jumped 18.7% and I sold out faster than forecast!”

“I run a highly successful business selling travel mugs on Amazon. We have grown sales significantly but increased competition from cheaper, lower value products and larger players in the market has required us to adapt to maintain our strong sales position.
I was looking to find a way to improve buyer engagement and increase sales conversions.
The challenges were a limitation on the number of words Amazon permits you to use in the description and bullets and the need to quickly and clearly differentiate from other products in the market. I wanted someone with proven expertise in helping improve copy to improve engagement and persuade buyers to take action. I had two 30 minute consultations with Jody where we discussed in-depth what we needed and the challenge. Very quickly he helped me identify areas of the product bullets and description where small changes could have a major impact. He flagged the importance of story and identifying the needs of the audience and gave targeted advice which I was able to implement immediately. After making the suggested changes comparing the 3 week period before versus after the changes, sales conversions jumped 18.7% and I sold out faster than forecast. I’m now waiting for more stock to clear customs! Quality problem to have…I was really pleased with this and would highly recommend working with Jody if you’re looking to improve buyer engagement and increase conversions.” Kieron Penrose, Director, Penrose Global Brands

“Our most successful email campaign ever”

“Our challenge in marketing our range of video cards was to reach a large group of people in an informal way and build a story about these innovative products. We had mainly marketed the Prestige Video Cards ® at exhibitions, events and cross selling to our existing client base.“As a result of the email campaign Jody developed, we have 16 active enquiries with large corporates which are ongoing and have fulfilled a number of orders. Without this mailer campaign we would have not have this level of activity and also awareness of the unique product, especially informing clients of the bespoke nature and also that we are one of the few importers in the UK. This has been our most successful email campaign ever and I would whole heartily recommend Jody to bring a story to life.” Alan Novis, Prestige Promotional Products

“He is truly brilliant”

“I am a PR and have been writing articles, case studies and award entries for clients for over 30 years! It’s what I do. But when it came to writing award entires about myself I was stumped! Jody was recommended to me, having done a brilliant job for a colleague, and so I decided the whole thing needed to be handed over to him – and it was the best decision I have made all year!  He asked me all the right questions, got inside my head, and, very importantly, the head of the judges and what they might be looking for, and so he pulled out information about me that I had no idea was there! He is truly brilliant and the results – two entries – were produced quickly, efficiently, and with charm. He is a pleasure to deal with and has a talent for writing that anyone marketing their businesses would be mad not to utilise.” Lucy Matthews, Marvellous PR

“Took the time to understand our needs”

“Jody was fantastic, he took the time to understand our needs and asked questions we would have never thought of. Throughout the process Jody provides responsive and continuous communication to ensure that what we had fitted our needs. Would recommend Jody to any business looking to improve their creative content.” Christopher Hindle, Jones Hill

“Jody has been an absolute ‘rock’ for us”

Jody has been an absolute ‘rock’ for us.  Not only has he invested the time (his time) to understand what we do and what our differentiators are, he’s also made sure that what he writes is in our style, so it’s clearly from ‘us’ and hits the spot for our prospects and customers.  We started using Jody mid last year and our first campaign to generate more leads from referrals was an instant win and generated over 60 new prospect leads.  This year we’ve worked further with Jody to develop our first newsletter and further referral tools – and we’re about to start a ‘new business’ direct mail and email campaign. Jody has approached all of our work much more as a ‘marketer’ than just a copywriter… This has meant that he understands what we’re trying to do, what works (and what doesn’t) in our marketplace, what’s important to our customers (what keeps them awake at night!) and what we should be doing to capture more business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jody – except that the more he works for other people, the less time he’ll have available for me!” Chris Brownlee, Worknet Ltd

“Jody captured the essence of our business”

“Our business relies on building trust and credibility with our target audience – families with young children. As well as our reputation, I was seeking further ways to demonstrate how we differ from our competition and so we decided to enter a number of industry and business awards. With no experience in the awards process or drafting entries, as well as very little time, I wanted to hand it over to someone who was able to bring out the great aspects of our business as well as maintain our personality. On a recommendation, I was referred to Jody. He was able to quickly identify the main differentiators between our business and others and hone in on what was necessary based on the awards criteria. Having never used a copywriter before, I was initially reticent they would be able to understand our business, but Jody managed to capture the essence of our business, produce a comprehensive awards entry focused on the criteria and what’s more he managed to turn it around in days (and hours in one case). Thoroughly recommended.” Neil Dudman, Pear Tree Childcare

“Jody has been my ‘find’ of the year”

“Jody has become invaluable to my business. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work in the initial stages but Jody’s style and manner soon had me engrossed and would you believe it…quite enjoying the process. He has been my ‘find’ of the year to add to my team, and I like to tell as many people as I can about him.” Deborah Fielding, MD, mirus media

“He’s able to put together creative campaigns that deliver great results”

“I started working with Jody about 6 months ago primarily because I was hearing a succession of stories from within my business network of how Jody’s work brings results in terms of new customers and significantly increased business.  He is also a thoroughly nice guy. Jody has got me to write and this is no small achievement!  The main marketing activity for my business at this stage is to get my message ‘out there’.  I was apprehensive, like many new to ‘blogging’, and Jody supported me through this in a way that built my confidence and made writing enjoyable. That was just the beginning, Jody is now supporting me in growing my business through a clearer message and brand and I am really enjoying the process.  As for his strengths, not only is Jody a talented copy writer, he is able to put together creative campaigns that deliver great results.  He also has developed a powerful coaching process which guides a business through all the key steps to developing a clear proposition and brand.”  Vanessa Williams, The Williams Partnership

“Jody produced exactly what I needed and saved me a load of time”

“For quite some time my company has produced it’s own copy for everything and apart from being very time consuming I have been aware that the message may not have been received the way it was intended. The main problem seemed to be that we were too close to what it is we do and although we know our product inside and out, expressing what we do to others in just a few words can be really difficult. After effectively just one meeting, Jody Raynsford produced a draft for me and it was the first time I’d seen someone else’s interpretation of what we do and I have to say he grasped it brilliantly. In summary Jody produced exactly what I needed, with little input from me, saved me a load of time enabling me to do more profitable things and consequently I will definitely be incorporating his services for other forms of media and PR in the future. I would strongly recommend Jody to anyone who is short of time, short of space, struggling for words or simply wanting to get their message across more effectively.” Chris Mansfield, Davenport Wealth Management