Why you need to take marketer’s statements with a pinch of salt


Whenever you hear or read someone making the statement that a particular marketing or sales channel doesn’t work, there’s one question you need to ask yourself…

“What would this individual gain from you believing that this sales or marketing channel doesn’t work?”

Because I have seen EVERY approach work… and also fail across various markets and sectors. And rarely is it because of the channel itself and more to do with:

a) Targeting
b) The message
c) Timing

If anyone is telling you that a certain approach doesn’t work in your market, question them why and demand to see proof.

It’s certainly true that some approaches work better than others. Instagram advertising will go great guns for one market, and will bomb in another. Direct mail is the most effective way to hit one industry but has become less effective in another. But less effective or, more accurately, less profitable as an acquisition method is different from “DOESN’T WORK”.

I’ve seen Facebook ad after Facebook ad, and sat through endless webinars telling me that “X APPROACH DOESN’T WORK” and you need to do it another way.

I’ve even read that Info Marketing was totally dead and if you’re still in that game you’re a dinosaur who’ll be extinct very soon… yet this little snippet was taken from the PAPER newsletter of a very prominent marketing pro in the US.

If someone is telling you something’s not working or doesn’t work any more, they want to persuade you of another course of action. The question is why?

Ask them.

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