My Huge 30 Days Of Arnold Mistake

Hands up if you’re an idiot.
[Puts hand up]
So remember when I was doing my 30 Days of Arnold Challenge?
Let me give you an update on what happened.
Over the 30 days, I had three aims – lose 10lbs, double my income, write a book.
Ok, straight off the bat, No.3 did NOT get achieved…
… but I’m going to be rectifying that in dramatic style in a couple of days.
(In fact, if you’ve been buggering about not writing a book, you may want to join me in what will be a frankly ridiculous endeavour.)
I won’t spill the beans now, so look out for the book-writing email in a couple of days.
Anyway… with the other two goals, I came pretty close.
But I made a bloody great schoolboy error worth sharing with you.
Weight-wise, I lost 9lbs in 30 days.

Ok, I was kinda disappointed with that… I didn’t achieve my goal of shedding the full 10lbs.
It left me feeling pretty demotivated.
But it didn’t tell the whole story.
What I really wanted to do wasn’t losing weight.
What I actually wanted was to shed some of my body fat and get back into my ‘slim’ clothes again.
So, while I was making the error of measuring just my weight, I neglected to take other (more important) measurements, such as chest size, waist size, wrist size…
Because I wasn’t taking these other measurements, I failed to factor in an increase in muscle, which offset the weight lost in body fat.
The result?
It looked as though I hadn’t lost much weight.
Yet, I’d made much greater progress than I originally believed.
How often do we do this?
Judge something based on the wrong set of results.
Picking erroneous criteria which skew the outcome.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Had I done it properly and seen I was losing inches in the right places rather than weight, I may have proceeded in a different way and got an even BETTER outcome.
(The same applied to hitting my doubling income goal in a slightly different way… but that’s a whole other story for another email).
So here’s the lesson learned:
Take the right kind of measurements for your specific goal.
Would you judge your email marketing purely in dollar sales made?
Or would other metrics add a deeper, richer picture of your overall success and long-term money-creating potential?
I can’t tell you the right metrics for your business.
Only you’ll know that.
I’m just sayin’ keep an eye on what you’re measuring and be 100% sure it’s telling the whole story.
Because when you get dud figures, you make dud decisions.
And then more dud decisions.
Then you’ve got a whole string of duds…
…  when really you may have succeeded.
You just never noticed because you weren’t looking in the right place.
So if you’re pushing through a campaign and results don’t seem to be quite what you want, take stock and think about what you’re measuring before giving up on it.
Don’t be like me (i.e. an idiot).


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