How To Whitelist My Emails

Here’s how to ensure you keep your daily emails going straight into your inbox without them running off and going all Badlands on you…

In Gmail

There are two ways to whitelist the emails in Gmail:

  1. From your Inbox, hover your cursor over ‘Jody Raynsford’ and select Add To Contacts from the hover box that appears. This will add my domain to your list of contacts.
  2. Open up email and hover your cursor over ‘Jody Raynsford’. Again, in the box that appears, select Add To Contacts to add to your contacts list.

On the iPhone

Tap the name ‘Jody Raynsford’ and select the option, Save New Contact. Enter details and select Save.

In Outlook

Right-click a message from ‘Jody Raynsford’ and go down to the option Junk Mail. From here, select the option ‘Add Sender To Safe Senders List’