Why you should get touchy-feely with your prospects

Here’s some great advice if you want to sell more:

Engage the senses.

That’s what you need to do in order to sell a prospect on a product or service.

Let them see it…

… hear it

… smell it

… feel it.

Engaging as many of the senses as possible whenever you can will make what you’re offering come alive and establish a connection with your prospect.

Legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman wrote the book on ways to tap into your prospects’ emotions.

In his seminal tome, Triggers, he outlines some of the emotional ‘triggers’ that copywriters use to engage, persuade and ultimately move a prospect towards a sale.

One of these ‘triggers’ is Feel.

At a recent seminar I attended in Las Vegas to see Joe in action, he explained the power of this.

He related a story about a successful television salesman who was retiring and the store was about to throw him a leaving party. At this party, the veteran salesman said he would reveal the secret to just how he had become the best salesman on the floor of that store since he started.

When it came to it, the salesman told the assembled guests that he did only one thing: he waited.

He would wait at the entrance to the store and watched potential customers come into the store and watch them as they interacted with the TV sets. As soon as the prospect touched the turning knob that changed the channel, he moved in and started to engage the prospect.

He knew that once the prospect had engaged their sense of touch and feel, and had actually experienced the product with their owns hands, he was already a long way towards the sale.

If you look, you’ll see examples of this everywhere.

Software companies regularly give away free trials of their software because they want prospects to work with the product, not just see it and hear about it. Engage as many senses as possible. That’s why it’s always easier to make a sale once a prospect has the product, particularly if they have the product in their home and have been using it.

How many of those direct mail ads in the back of the Sunday newspapers offer you a period of time to try a product at home before sending back? Nearly all do.

Here’s two more brilliant examples of how this works:

Laithwaites – receive a box and if you don’t like it, just send it back. I don’t know about you, but when a crate full of wine turns up at my house, the chances of that going anywhere that isn’t into my mouth is pretty much nil. (This shouldn’t take away from Laithwaites’ other superb marketing sticks and guarantees – look out for a future case study on this)

This watch – this company really understands the power of just seeing and feeling a product to engage you with as many senses as possible. Ok, you’re not going to feel the weight of this but you have visualised it on your wrist.

Jody Raynsford - copywriter - feel 'trigger' example


Think how you can incorporate this into your business.

Is there a way of putting your product into the hands of your prospect?

Can you allow them to experience what you have and edge them a little closer to that sale?