[Video] Using humour to engage on airline safety

When you’re a frequent flyer, you know as soon as the flight attendant stands in the aisle with lifejacket and oxygen mask in hand, it’s time to glaze over. Yes, it’s the much-maligned safety demonstration.

For the carrier, it is important part of the pre-flight process. You know it is important, yet from constant repetition it just fails to hold your attention.

So, as a carrier, how to you get your customers watching again? Simple. Engage them with a little bit of humour. That’s exactly what Delta Airlines have done with this rather excellent airline safety video that strikes just the right balance between surreal humour and reinforcing the safety message.


Note how turbulence has been rebranded ‘rough air’.

[Update: Having now been on another Delta flight it seems there are many variations of the video. The beauty of this strategy is that even regular Delta flyers will be looking out to see if there are any variations on what they have already seen or waiting to see which version they get. Curiosity working alongside humour to create engagement.]

What do you think? Could you see this working in any other industries? Where else have you seen this work?


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