Day 3 30 Days Of Arnold – Why you need Arnie-sized goals

If Arnie says you can do it, you should just do it…


Previously, I explained why I was undertaking the 30 Days Of Arnold Challenge and what philosophy I’d be following over the course of the next month.

The values that Arnie sets out will be those I follow in every decision I make.

That, in itself, is a challenge.

On top of this, I’ve also set some broader goals.

And I’ve made them pumped-out, pecs-bursting-out-of-vest size goals.

Here’s the first:

Goal 1 – Double my monthly revenue


WOOOOAAAA, Jody… double your revenue in a month?! That’s insane!


Yes, it is.

Yet, I know what I need to do to hit that target. I know exactly how many clients and how much I need to charge (hint: it’s more than I charge now).

So, what’s stopping me? Fear. Probably.

Let’s make that one a priority.

Now the next:

Goal 2 – Get out there


Arnold knew the value of self-promotion and being a poster-boy for his profession, bodybuilding.

That’s my second challenge.

I’m going to be EVERYWHERE for a month… or as much as I can be.

This means several things:

  1. Dramatically increasing my writing output

That means, in addition to client work, I’m going to be writing and send at least one email every day to my list AS WELL AS writing one blog post.

The one blog post will of course be based on #30DaysOfArnold.

  1. Launching podcast/vodcast

Ok, now I’m getting nervous.

We ALL know video is the way to go, but it just makes me nervous.

That’s why I’m slaying those fears and doing it.

Prepare to see a ton of badly presented video… I figure if I do it enough times, I’ll eventually get good.

(It works like that, right?)

  1. Finish writing my business book

I’ve started it…

… so I’ll finish it.

Nuff said. 

Goal 3 – Lose 10lbs

Ok, now this is tangible.

Talked about the importance of mind-body connection, didn’t we?

I’ve got a regime.

I’m going to follow it.

And you’ll discover the results each week.

(Oh, and I’m only weighing myself on Monday mornings… so it’ll either be a nice shock or a welcome surprise)

My goal for this week is 4lbs.

Once I drop some of this body fat, I’ll move onto the Arnold Bodybuilding Challenge… gulp.

Ok, so there it is.

Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

Like Arnie says…

“DO IT!”


Fancy taking the 30 Days Of Arnold Challenge with me? Post your goals in the comments below and we’ll start measuring them together.

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