Avoid this one marketing mistake every business makes

What businesses are doing wrong when it comes to their marketing copy… and how to fix it.

After reading this blog post, I want you to click on this link and download a checklist of the most common errors you’re making in your marketing.

There, I said it.

What have I done? I have clearly and precisely told you what action you should take after reading this post. There is no doubt in your mind what I want you to do.

If I was writing this as live marketing copy, the command would be positioned carefully in the last paragraph after several convincing arguments about how my product or service can benefit you. Yet, you wouldn’t believe how few businesses forget this one simple act in their copy: to ask their customers to do something.

The purpose of great copy is not to entertain or sparkle. Yes, entertaining and humorous copy can be engaging, but these are incidental to the cast-iron focus of any successful piece of marketing. The main, incontrovertible purpose of copy should be to do one thing: encourage action. Anything else and it’s a waste of paper or pixels.

Businesses spend thousands of pounds on website design, thousands of pounds in advertising and thousands of pounds on direct mail. And all this investment is being flushed down the drain when so many fail to do this incredibly simple but crucial element in the sales process.

To use a dating analogy, it’s like buying a new suit, dressing up, buying flowers to give to your date, buying them dinner and then… not going in for the goodnight kiss. Falling at the last hurdle is something so many businesses, large and small, are guilty of. Don’t be one of them.

How to avoid this marketing mistake

Take a look at a page on your website. Any page will do. Take a long, careful look at it and ask yourself “what do I want this page to do?”. (And here’s a tip. The answer shouldn’t be: “give some information about my business”.)

Once you understand what you want your prospect to feel or how you want them to act after reading your copy, you focus your copy on doing just that.

Do I want a prospect to read the page and call me? Or, do I want them to request more information through a form? Or, do I want them to actually buy something? Are there clear benefits described? Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers.

Remember, every element – the copy, design and layout – on your website, advertising and marketing materials needs to encourage action in your prospects.

Great copy delivers great results. Poor copy delivers nothing. Get this right and you’ll see a huge difference to your bottom line.

Oh, and don’t forget that all-important call-to-action, right where it’s supposed to be… Remember, click on this link and download a completely free, hugely-valuable, 10-point checklist to quickly identify whether your copy is helping you hit your goals.