How Brexit Was Won: A Marketer’s Perspective

So it has been done. The UK last week voted ‘Leave’ by 52% to 48% to take Britain out of the EU once and for all. The fallout has been immediate in terms of financial market turmoil. A political earthquake soon followed with Prime Minister David Cameron resigning and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn facing a challenge to his position because of … Read More

How To Use The Farage “Douchebag” Strategy To Build Your Influence

Did you watch the last election TV debate? (If you’re outside the UK, we’re in the ‘grip’ of a general election and so have been treated to parading all manner of political nutjobs across our TV screens, much to our abject horror…) If you did, you’ll have seen a rather unexpected but marvellous opening gambit from putty-faced UKIP front man Nigel … Read More