What’s it like to work with Jody?


I work with savvy business owners and smart entrepreneurs to unlock the potential in their business through targeted, proven marketing tactics and advanced content marketing strategy which builds huge value in their business… with huge results.

Due to there not being enough hours in the day, I am limited by the number of clients I can personally work with. However, I’m able to consult with business owners and entrepreneurs whose needs fit closely with what I can offer your business. There are several ways we can work together:

  1. Copy projects
  2. Get me 1-2-1
  3. In-Depth Marketing Analysis

Let’s go into those in more detail…

Your copy projects

As an experienced writer and copywriter, I’m able to transform dull and uninspiring copy, improve the effectiveness of poorly performing sales pages, letters and web copy and develop entertaining and engaging content to drive readers to your business (then help convert them into customers).

I’m not a copy hack. I only work with ethical businesses and products. If you are selling or pushing a product or service which is morally or legally dubious, I’m sorry, but I’m likely to pass on your project.

On the flip side, I love working with switched-on business owners and entrepreneurs who experience what it’s like ‘in the trenches’ each and every day. I’ll deliver my best to help them become a success and drive them onto their goals and business objectives.

To do this, I’m thorough and I’m hard-working. I will leave no stone unturned in helping you make a success of your product, service or project. Which is why I’ll only work with serious business owners and entrepreneurs, who understand the value of high quality advice and help.

If you’re still reading this, and it sounds like you, I’d be delighted to work with you. Most new clients begin with a private 1-2-1 consultation, so please book this to discuss your product, service or project.

Get me 1-2-1

Sometimes all it takes is a good, long chat to push through a barrier, uncover a obstacle holding up your progress or simply gaining clarity about what to do next. For a small investment, you can get an hour of my attention focused squarely on you and your business.

I’ll spend an hour digging deep into your business, your strategy and positioning so I can hand you a stack of gold-plated ideas to help grow your business and move you further to hitting your objectives. Perhaps you need more customers, are attracting the wrong type of customers or are simply stuck in a rut when it comes to growth and need the hand of a pro to help you out?

I set aside a number of time slots each week.

Ahead of the consultation, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete so you can tell me more about your business and we’re ready to go right from the start of the hour-long discussion (No wasting time with chit chat, it’s all high value content).

The cost of this 1-2-1 consultation is £297/$497 per hour, payable in advance.

If you feel you’ve gained a ton of value from our one hour, you can go and implement right away and start unlocking some of the value in your business you never knew you had. Alternatively, if you decide you would like to work with me going forward and we’re a good fit, we can continue the discussion.

Book a private consultation with me here. Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive full details of your consultation and pre-consultation requirements to get the ball rolling.

In-Depth Marketing Analysis

Squeeze every drop of value from my experience in creating content and marketing for targeted audiences with a detailed, in-depth analysis of your entire marketing strategy.

I’ll dive into your current processes and marketing and sales materials to understand who your customer is, who your prospects are, what your defining value proposition is and how effectively your marketing is delivering your core business objectives. We’ll also look at your competitors, analyse what they’re doing and identify areas of opportunity and how to knock them out the park.

From this, I’ll apply everything I know to develop a detailed and specific set of recommendations about your value proposition and how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. This document is anything but pie-in-the-sky vagaries; this document is targeted and detailed blueprint to help your business including specific wording, content suggestions and ideas you can literally pick up and use as soon as possible. Practical, actionable advice to build your business from the moment you receive the report.

Warning – this is a serious commitment involving a time contribution from yourself and possibly others within your business, if relevant. I’ll draw out of your business your views on the positioning and messaging, how your view your clientele and use these to inform my detailed and specific suggestions you can start using on your business straight away, with or without further assistance from myself.

If you require further help, I can advise upon ways forward involving either myself or I’ll be able to suggest other suppliers.

The cost for this In-Depth Marketing Analysis is £1297/$1997, payable in full in advance. Upon payment, I’ll contact you regarding collecting all the information I need to carry out the analysis, which may include speaking to any relevant staff (and possibly clients) in order to obtain the truest perspective on your current positioning and proposition.

Again, this will require a few hours of your time, which is necessary, so please consider this requirement before booking. Lack of valuable input from yourself (or the key business owner, if you are completing this on behalf of someone else) will jeopardise the effectiveness of the entire analysis.

Due to the in-depth nature of the report, there are only a limited number of analyses I’m able to do during any one month.

Book your In-Depth Marketing Analysis below. Upon payment you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire to complete and details on available time slots.