Arnie: The Oscar Winner?

“If he wanted to play King Lear, he could do it” The words of Jack Nicholson’s acting tutor Eric Morris… but it wasn’t Nicholson these words were referencing. You wouldn’t have guessed it but Morris was talking about our very own Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a surprise to many that the man famed for his action hero antics could have been … Read More

Why It Doesn’t Pay To Be Arnie

For my 30 Days Of Arnold challenge, I’ve been watching a lot of Arnie’s most famous films and there’s a pattern I’ve noticed through these movies which you should apply to help you make more sales. I’ll explain shortly… You see Arnie plays a certain role in what I’d call a Classic Schwarzenegger action movie. He’s a good guy. Something … Read More

The day Ric Flair almost punched me…

Back when I was working in the entertainment industry, I interviewed a lot of wrestlers. A LOT. (And yes, it is entertainment. I’m sorry to break it to you, but… it’s not real.) One of the first wrestlers I interviewed was the rather flamboyant veteran wrestler, Ric Flair. WOO! (That’ll only mean something if you know of him.) Ric was over … Read More

You Lose 97% Of Sales. Here’s Why (Stamina Part 2)

Here’s a statistic that’s probably made up: Only 3% of people who your marketing reaches are ready to buy at the point they read/see/consume/watch your message. Just think about that for a second: Only 3% are ready to buy. Which means 97% aren’t ready to buy. This doesn’t mean 97% don’t want to buy… … just 97% aren’t ready to … Read More