The Sales-Getting Marathon Parasite Strategy

Did you watch the London Marathon on Sunday? I did. Tucked up in bed, chomping on chocolate biscuits with lashings of tea. I make out like that was a good thing. Really, I’d have preferred to be in there amongst the 38,000 runners squeezing their way through the streets of London. So much did I want to get on the … Read More

How To Use The Farage “Douchebag” Strategy To Build Your Influence

Did you watch the last election TV debate? (If you’re outside the UK, we’re in the ‘grip’ of a general election and so have been treated to parading all manner of political nutjobs across our TV screens, much to our abject horror…) If you did, you’ll have seen a rather unexpected but marvellous opening gambit from putty-faced UKIP front man Nigel … Read More

Arnie: The Oscar Winner?

“If he wanted to play King Lear, he could do it” The words of Jack Nicholson’s acting tutor Eric Morris… but it wasn’t Nicholson these words were referencing. You wouldn’t have guessed it but Morris was talking about our very own Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a surprise to many that the man famed for his action hero antics could have been … Read More

Why It Doesn’t Pay To Be Arnie

For my 30 Days Of Arnold challenge, I’ve been watching a lot of Arnie’s most famous films and there’s a pattern I’ve noticed through these movies which you should apply to help you make more sales. I’ll explain shortly… You see Arnie plays a certain role in what I’d call a Classic Schwarzenegger action movie. He’s a good guy. Something … Read More