Beware Greeks bearing questions

    If you’ve been following the Greek debt crisis, well done… … I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on. (When I try to read the news I end up feeling like a toddler trying to grasp the language for the first time.) What has struck me over the past few weeks has been the struggle of news organisations to … Read More

Why Failure Feels Like Groundhog Day

I couldn’t resist it. I’m writing this email while watching Groundhog Day on the box. Fortunately, my distraction also has a valuable lesson about marketing stamina and why you need it so badly. If you’ve seen this classic comedy, you’ll know the premise: Bill Murray wakes up every day on the same day in the small town of Punxsutawny. And like … Read More

My (unpopular) opinion on Da Vinci

What defines a genius? In every list ever produced, you’ll see Leonardo Da Vinci’s name suggested as one of history’s greatest geniuses. The Italian renaissance master is often spoken of as a visionary. His notes overflow with his forward-thinking ideas. He invented the first tank, the first helicopter, the double-hull. He was responsible for producing some of the most famous … Read More

My Huge 30 Days Of Arnold Mistake

Hands up if you’re an idiot. [Puts hand up] So remember when I was doing my 30 Days of Arnold Challenge? Let me give you an update on what happened. Over the 30 days, I had three aims – lose 10lbs, double my income, write a book. Ok, straight off the bat, No.3 did NOT get achieved… … but I’m … Read More