Why you’re doing customer research all wrong (and what to do instead)

Diary of a customer

“Would you buy this for £X?” It’s a question I hear entrepreneurs asking all the time when testing out ideas for new products and services. I mean what can be better than getting some customer research in, right? Not quite. How many times have you created a product or launched a service to find that all those voices expressing interest … Read More

Why El Capitan free soloist Alex Honnold will change how you view mastery

The wall of El Capitan

Like many, I watched the documentary Free Solo on Channel 4 a few weeks ago. Breathless is literally the way to describe how it felt watching climber Alex Honnold tackle the slab of rock that is El Capitan without a harness or rope. That’s right – one slip, one tiny mistake and he would fall to his death. Of course, … Read More

Why you need to take marketer’s statements with a pinch of salt

“X JUST DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE” Whenever you hear or read someone making the statement that a particular marketing or sales channel doesn’t work, there’s one question you need to ask yourself… “What would this individual gain from you believing that this sales or marketing channel doesn’t work?” Because I have seen EVERY approach work… and also fail across various markets … Read More