How Brexit Was Won: A Marketer's Perspective

So it has been done. The UK last week voted ‘Leave’ by 52% to 48% to take Britain out of the EU once and for all. The fallout has been immediate in terms of financial market turmoil. A political earthquake soon followed with Prime Minister David Cameron resigning and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn facing a challenge to his position because of … Read More

EU Referendum: Why We Need Optimism Right Now

To all those who voted Remain who are despondent this morning, don’t be… it’s easy to be pessimistic about the result, but what we need now is optimism on all sides about the future of the UK. Because in optimism lies the ability to find opportunity and new ways of meeting the challenges of our globally connected world. Now this … Read More

Beware Greeks bearing questions

    If you’ve been following the Greek debt crisis, well done… … I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on. (When I try to read the news I end up feeling like a toddler trying to grasp the language for the first time.) What has struck me over the past few weeks has been the struggle of news organisations to … Read More